Opinion: General Safety in public

With the recent tragedy in Melbourne Australia, personal safety is at the forefront once again, it is an unfortunate reality that we cannot feel safe when carrying out daily tasks. There has been a lot of public commentary on this topic. I am just going to write a short post about it, I feel that a lot of the commentary has gone off topic and what I will be writing will probably not be well received by some. What happened in Melbourne was disgusting, this should not happen to anyone. The poor lady was just trying to walk home from her gig and this terrible thing happened.

There has been a lot of commentaries that people, women, in particular, should be able to walk around at night time without anything happening to them. In a perfect world, this is completely correct. I do not want to feel like I cannot be safe walking home at night but unfortunately, I do. We should be able to walk around alone whenever we want, we should be able to frolic through a park and feel like nothing will ever happen to us. This is not the reality though. We cannot do this. I hate that this is the reality of our society but to change this it will be a generation-wide change, that needs to be done and the changes that would need to be made are so wide sweeping and would have to change so many aspects completely in our entire society. What I mean by this is that for a person to be able to feel COMPLETELY safe walking through a dark alley (regardless of gender), the changes that would need to take place for this to happen are a very distant reality. I am not saying we should not be teaching men at an early age that rape and murder are wrong, this is obvious. However, I am of the opinion that a man that would already carry out these crimes is not going to be redeemed by someone telling them not to do it.

Be cautious

To be blunt, I do not think anybody should be walking around at any point at night time by themselves. I wouldn’t want my son or daughter to take any unnecessary risks that could bring them to harm. The advice I am about to give may seem obvious. Avoid walking around at night by yourself. It is just not worth it! The money you will save, whatever reason you are doing it just do whatever you can to avoid it. If for whatever reason you absolutely must walk alone at night, try to stay in well-lit areas, walk briskly and keep a lookout for anything or anyone that may cause you harm. Unfortunately being as paranoid as you can be is probably the safest route.

I hate the way our society is, I hate that I cannot be confident my children will be safe. But the reality is the world is not safe and we must do everything we can to change the underlying problems, but for now, we must do whatever we can to keep our families safe.

Be careful out there.