Video Review: Jamies kitchen safety

This video is very frustrating to watch. I know that it is designed to be this way but still. This video has been presented rather poorly in my opinion. I understand its intent but I feel like it could have been done slightly better. Anyway, I will talk about the video first, the video opens up with a lady doing some cooking, when you are watching at first you are wondering whats going on. You then start to notice her make a lot of errors when she is cooking. The whole video is her making mistake after mistake in the kitchen and is referring to the different mistakes she is making in terms of health and safety.

Her handling of the raw chicken is hard to watch, she almost/does burn herself several times, her general knife handling is scary! Watch the video and try and see how many mistakes she makes.

As you can see throughout the video she makes a HEAP of errors, it’s pretty hard to watch right? My main issues with the video is that there is no explanation what-so-ever and no talking. It’s just personal preference but I find it a little hard to understand the clear motives of the video. I also think it could have done with an explanation at the end of the video going through all the mistakes she was making. The video is good if you combine it with the comments below, read through them on the youtube site listing all the mistakes she was making and see if you can find any others too!


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